About Me and a Car Dealership

Hi there!  I guess you clicked here so you could know something about me.  Well in a nutshell I like coffee, wine and to write using ….  there you go.

More seriously – I (Kelly) am a 30-something year old wife to an amazing husband (Chris) who is the handiest & smartest person I know.  He is my best friend.  My girls, currently 2 1/2 (Amelia) and 5 months (Katherine), fill our life with joy and make our family complete.  I work full time in media strategy and blogging is just a hobby on the side which means I’m always behind since it has to fit in with getting dinner on the table and putting the girls to bed and oh, sleeping.   I like to sleep – sleep is precious to me.  If my 5 month old wasn’t so cute, she might have gotten returned due to her propensity for interrupting mommy’s sleep.   I have a goal to be in shape and return to pre-baby body – if not even better than that.  And … (those … again), I’m just going to stop there for now – if I tell you everything then there isn’t something to blog about!

The blog name, Dyar and Dyar, came about because here in the great ATL we have a Volvo dealership called Dyer and Dyer.  When we bought one of my favorite cars there (a gently used S60 2.5T that we still own) – I tried to convince them we should get a deal – after all our name was Dyar – yes I know its spelled differently but that was close, right?  Didn’t fly – but since then I’ve always taken to Dyar and Dyar.


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