Welcome to March

Yes you read that right. Its March.  March 1st.  I’m not quite sure where the first two months went but there you have it.  Well kind of glad February is gone actually, even though I can’t believe it. In February I managed to pretty much ignore weight watchers except to feel guilty about not doing tracking and eating right and I also barely exercised.  We have yet another person on antibiotics on the house and I have to say I spent quite a few days in there feeling kind of blue. 

But now – now its March.  And its a gorgeous day.  And I have already worked out today.  And I have chosen an apple and hot tea over something much less good for me.  So half day in – check, on track. 

And I feel very inspired right now, very optimistic.  I think things are going well at work, and my hobby turned side business is picking up as well.  I got a new camera (squeal!) which I’m still learning but loving. The playset is almost done in the backyard, meaning lots more outdoor time with the girls.  We have two vacations planned for summer/fall – beach and Disney. 

And March brings… March Madness!  Go Duke!

I think March is bringing the year we were meant to have… let’s get on with it!

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Music to make you go…

So as I was driving on a business trip to Knoxville – thankfully a simple 3 hour drive from here – I was by myself and able to listen to my playlist.  You know the one.  The playlist you make because the songs just make you want to dance.  Its the one you play when you need energy to drive, or the motivation to clean or even to really put your head down and work.

It made the drive suprisingly pleasant and upbeat.

What music does that for you?  Here are a few of my favorite, make me dance, songs:

My #1 right now: Little Lion Man
by Mumford & Sons

Bad Romance (Glee Cast Version)
by Lady Gaga although I have the Glee version in my list

The Sound Of Sunshine
by Michael Franti

Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (Radio Version)
by KT Tunstall

Temperature (Album Version)
by Sean Paul

Firework (Glee Cast Version)
by Katy Perry but again, I have the Glee version (Glee is actually how I learn about quite a few songs these days!)

Use Somebody
by Kings of Leon

Ring Of Fire
by Johnny Cash (classic!)

King Of Anything
by Sara Bareilles

That’s just a selection of what makes me get up and go… love to hear some of yours.

[Disclaimer: these are affiliate links to Amazon]

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Start the Day!

I was feeling artsy this morning. So here you go…

The best way to start your day is with Blueshift Media Group

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A Conversation with My Bluetooth

So I love bluetooth technology. The ability to do my catch up phone calls in the car, while not having to dial or hold a phone – its just great.
But sometimes technology – well its not always the best implementation. I still use it, I still appreciate it – but I thought I’d share a typical attempt at a call.

Me: Press button – ‘call chris cell’
Car: ‘no bluetooth phone found. search for the next phone’ [why my car and my phone don’t get along well, I don’t know]
Me: Press button – ‘next phone’
Car: ‘phone4 available, would you like to connect to phone4’ [its called phone4 because its my iPhone 4]
Me: Press button – ‘yes’
Car: ‘phone4 connected’
Me: ‘call chris cell’
Car: ‘1 0 … press the button and say more numbers to keep dialing’
Me: Press end button. Press on button… ‘call chris cell’
Car: ‘would you like to dial heather cell’
Me: Press end button. Press on button… ‘call chris cell’
Car: ‘would you like to dial chris cell’
Me: Press button ‘yes’
Car: ‘dialing’

Needless to say, it can be a bit frustrating. And then there was the day my car thought it was connected to a call on the bluetooth. But it wasn’t. So radio wouldn’t work (it thought it was on a call) and I couldn’t make other calls… Until I turned off the car and re-started. After driving 20 minutes in silence.

Granted silence is such a limited thing in a house with kids, maybe I should’ve appreciated it more!

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My Thoughts On the Superbowl

Well on events around the superbowl… or maybe the commercials… because I know what I thought is what really matters from last night. Hah. Really its just that I actually had an opinion on a few things and thought hey – why not – I’ll blog them!

So the game itself… we actually watched most of it, and I had picked Greenbay to pull for mostly because they beat the Falcons and because their quarterback was not Ben Roethlisberger. So yeah my team won!

But the commercials and the entertainment – that’s where I start having opinions.

First off – messing up the National Anthem is not cool. Why can we not just sing it like its meant to be? And maybe, just maybe, get the words right? Especially in what is obviosuly a very patriotic themed superbowl. I’m not really sure why its a patriotic theme – but regardless, I liked the patriotic stuff. And then you mess up the Anthem? I really liked the Declaration of Independence segment in the pre-game. Not really sure how it tied to the game, but I’m a sucker for that type of stuff. Makes me all weepy and I want to go thank each and every troop in person. I especially liked that they didn’t just do military – there were kids in an orchestra, farmers, mill workers – really did try and range a wide array of America. Because we are a wide array of people, talents, jobs, etc. America is beautiful because of its differences [side note – have you read the Beauty of Different? You should.]

Hmmm – want to hear my thoughts on the commercials or half-time show next… let’s do half-time show. I think that show had so much potential to be good. Loved the songs. But the execution?? The sound guy is probably out of a job this morning – and who thought those space age outfits and dancers were a good idea. I do not need to see Fergie’s chest with Christmas lights and the light up heart on the other guy’s suit was just so cheesy it was wrong. So much potential – so much went wrong. Really – don’t need to say much more than that.

The commercials. Ironically, this next morning, only 4 commercials truly stick out and they were all automobile ones. [I think these were all National ads – hard to tell sometimes. Do most people even know that some are local, some are National?] I really enjoyed the BMW X3 designed in America, made in America one. It wasn’t a ‘funny’ it was an emotional play and I liked it. The Chyrsler 200 was the same type of theme, and it worked quite well too. I did say ‘man, they paid for a double-ad spot or something – it was a long ad’ to which my husband replied ‘no, we did…’ (ahem tax dollars & bailout) – but regardless great ad – just wish I saw more of the car. The two ‘funny’ ones that I liked were both VW – great ads – though doesn’t change the fact that I have a bad impression of VW (everyone I know who has owned one has had huge service issues – lots of random things breaking down, etc.) I LOVED the Darth Vader one, though when it gets down to it – auto-start isn’t a new concept. I also really liked the beatle one – just a different take, guess not really funny, but very different from the first and I really enjoyed it. Other than that – I really didn’t think many other ads stood out. Well for the right reasons. I did like the ‘Reply-All’ commercial but 5 minutes later I couldn’t tell you who it was for. Go Daddy was typically tacky. Groupon was suprisingly tacky. (Through twitter I learned that they are raising money for those two causes that they seemed to belittle in their ads… just tacky.) Pepsi and Coke were both underwhelming… well a couple of the Pepsi Max commercials were kind of funny – but overall just not what I would say is Superbowl worthy. I remember laughing at a Bud commercial but now I don’t remember what it was at all. Obviously memorable.

There were lots of movie promos – which is to be expected. I couldn’t tell you what the Jennifer Aniston movie is actually about. My thoughts on both Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean was really, they really made more sequels to those? Intrigued by the Bradley Cooper movie, mostly because I love him from his Alias days. Not sure I care about the premise of Cowboys & Aliens but I will see a movie that has Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. Mmmm eye candy. Butt kicking eye candy. The kids movies… my kids aren’t really old enough for me to care about them yet. I did love the Angry Birds tie in to Rio just because it was amusing to see the Twitter response.

So all in all – ads were pretty lack luster. 12 hours later and only a few stick out in my mind.

It was a fun evening, watching it all. The team I picked one… it wasn’t a blow out… so all in all – it was a good game. I hope others enjoyed it as well… I am curious to see other people’s thoughts on ads, etc. Comment and let me know!


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Then it was February

Wow. Um where did that first month go?? Between sick kids, sick me, snow… I swear January only had 10 days or so. Man.

So. How are you doing? Did you have goals you were trying to meet?

My goal for the year is to be the best me – the best wife, mom and self. It’s a year long if not life long goal.

I waited until January 30th to start exercising for real but man 3 out of last 4 days… I am sore.

I was down about 5 lbs as of last week but popped up a pound when the working out made me so hungry I ate everything in site (Ahhh pizza dip). But still down 2 in January overall so right direction.

I have done lots of research about my side business idea but very little implementation yet. Real job is busy! Can’t complain about that. Busy is good.

And I have been better most of the time, though not always, about putting down the phone when it’s the kids turn for my attention at night. Not always easy.

So progress.

For February… I saw this Hallmark ad (ironic) that said… It’s not ‘I love you’ it’s ‘I love us’. So I think that’s my theme for this month. Us meaning me & Chris as well as the whole family. Celebrating us.

Also after watching Couples Retreat (movie) -we are going to start saving for 10th anniversary trip. Got 3 years. Want to go somewhere where my room is over the water. Fiji or Bora bora perhaps. 🙂 not a bad goal right?

How are my friends doing?

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The Beauty of Different Book Review

As I have mentioned here before – I follow a few blogs – one of which is Karen at Chookooloonks.   I found her for her photography, I believe, a couple years ago – but she is one of the more inspirational blogs out there.  At least for me.  Inspiration is a personal thing, and her pictures, her words… they speak to me.  So when she wrote a book??  It went straight onto my wish list for Christmas.  And thanks to my mom (hi mom!) I got it.  And I read it in about two days.  If I didn’t have two little kids, it might have been in one sitting.

I won’t recap the book – this isn’t that type of review.  I just wanted to let you know how I felt when reading the book.   The book is broken into chapters – each chapter has a story by Karen, lots of pictures, quotes from various people about being different and in-depth interview/article/writing about one person.   It was fascinating.  I felt so close to these people when reading, and I really feel ready to view the world in a better light – one that celebrates differences.  I believe I’ve always been open to differences – I’ve had quite an eclectic group of friends over my lifespan.  [Sidenote – I’ve mentioned before that I went to the same high school as Karen – not sure how far apart we were – but my group of friends in high school included a Muslim, a Mormon and probably one of the only democrats in the school… this was a highly conservative, fairly white, Texas high school…  we had a great group of girls that I love still and miss – Mona, Ellen, Emily, Shayna, Janice and Michelle!  We were all very different from one another – but yet, that was our main circle of support and friendship… its a post for another day about how friendships drift away – but they will always be a part of my life.] 

Even though I feel like I saw and appreciated people’s differences – I think part of what the book did is make me realize – maybe I didn’t really – maybe it wasn’t enough.  Its one thing to say it.  Its another to truly appreciate it.  Everyone is unique and beautiful.   Differences are what make us who we are.   But the book wasn’t just about that – these personal stories that she shares… these people really overcome obstacles in their lives.  These people know who they are.  And I think that is what is so very inspirational about it.  I think the key to happiness is to accept and know who you are – thrive on who you are.  Not trying to be someone else.  And so to read stories of people who are there – who get it… that’s my biggest take away.

This is a book I will re-visit many times.  Maybe as a whole, maybe just a chapter or to look at photos.  Its a book that you want to own, in its true form – not digital.  Because you want it right there in your house – to flip the pages as you like, as you need that day. 

So please, if you haven’t yet – go buy and read this book. [Disclosure: This is an amazon associates link so they know who sent them to buy this book]

The Beauty of Different

And in the spirit of this book – Karen’s blog today had a great video about being beautiful and asked us to share:

Let’s celebrate the Beauty of being Different this month – its appropriate for February don’t you think?

Also – let’s petition to Karen that we want her to come to Atlanta for a book signing – go tell her on her blog! Ready… Go.

Edited to add – when on YouTube I saw this video about TBOD from Karen as well… have to share:

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