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The Site Is Moving!

Finally got around to setting up my personal site on the family domain.

The new location of Dyar and Dyar is…

Surprise!  Changed the name too.  Come join me.

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Music to make you go…

So as I was driving on a business trip to Knoxville – thankfully a simple 3 hour drive from here – I was by myself and able to listen to my playlist.  You know the one.  The playlist you make because the songs just make you want to dance.  Its the one you play when you need energy to drive, or the motivation to clean or even to really put your head down and work.

It made the drive suprisingly pleasant and upbeat.

What music does that for you?  Here are a few of my favorite, make me dance, songs:

My #1 right now: Little Lion Man
by Mumford & Sons

Bad Romance (Glee Cast Version)
by Lady Gaga although I have the Glee version in my list

The Sound Of Sunshine
by Michael Franti

Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (Radio Version)
by KT Tunstall

Temperature (Album Version)
by Sean Paul

Firework (Glee Cast Version)
by Katy Perry but again, I have the Glee version (Glee is actually how I learn about quite a few songs these days!)

Use Somebody
by Kings of Leon

Ring Of Fire
by Johnny Cash (classic!)

King Of Anything
by Sara Bareilles

That’s just a selection of what makes me get up and go… love to hear some of yours.

[Disclaimer: these are affiliate links to Amazon]

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Halfway through the month..

Now that we are emerging from the snow and halfway into January – so how are your resolutions, goals and inspirations going?

I have to say I love my journal – it’s mostly a to-do list but it’s also just great to put random quotes and thoughts and even pictures… My favorite Amelia quote came when I tried to snuggle and she told me ‘I am not a pillow pet’. Love her.

Weight watchers… Well I tracked and did well yesterday. It’s a start. I’m getting back into the grove slowly. I kept off the 2 lbs I lost before the holidays so that’s good too.

Exercise – I started slowly with a Christmas gift – dancing with Just Dance 2 on the Wii. Finally moved past it yesterday and did the short version of Jillian Michael’s BMBF – that felt good. I am inspired to keep it up and I do have a sprint tri in June so big goal there.

Work – have a lot going on and its been tough to manage with all the craziness – but feeling really productive this year and have some exciting things coming soon.

The year did not start out as we thought – we had a sick toddler and them got snowed in. But the bonus is I’ve gotten a lot of time with my wonderful kids. And I have a lot of goals I am making progress towards. So all in all – things are really good.

Hope your year is off to a good start too.

Coming next week: review of The Beauty of Different.

(and don’t forget to comment – tell me how your year is going!)

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Hope all my fellow southerners are home safe. While this might be normal for some, certainly not for us.

I think this snow is beautiful and I love seeing it through my kids’ eyes. Hope to get fun pictures later.

Enjoy your snowcation – I’ll be over here drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows with my girls and hubby.

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My Girls

I am headed out on a girls’ weekend for some rest & relaxation (and maybe a bit of wine?)- but I’m going to miss my baby girls.

Last night we had some quality time playing soccer with one another – Katherine was even trying to get the ball – it was fun.  When I said bye to them at daycare, I got a bit teary.  I think the weekend away will do me good – but it doesn’t mean I’m not missing them terribly.

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Shred Shred and More Shred: An Update

So I’m… 3 weeks into doing shred and 2 weeks into watching what I eat – and the results? Down 6 lbs! I am at the lowest weight since having baby Katherine (who is 6 months old as of yesterday). Still 5 more to be at pre-Katherine weight but I’m getting there. Very inspiring and motivating to keep it up. I’ve moved into a realm where I don’t have to track every calorie, I have a good idea of what I am eating and should eat – so that’s really nice. I work out most days, though I have broken from the 30 day shred and don’t always shred. I do shred some – more when I have a short timeframe and that is all I have. I find it is a bit rough, particularly on my knees, so I also do days of biking and abs or do the Comcast On Demand 25 minute version of Ban Fat Boost Metabolism plus something else. Last week I ended up taking Monday, Wednesday and Thursday off of working out – this week I hope to only take one day off. This coming weekend I have two parties (one costume murder mystery and one is a wedding shower) – so I know I have to do as well as I can prior to those to maintain over the weekend.

Also I signed up for a mini-triathlon in September so I have motivation to get in great shape for that. Its a sprint one – so 250 yards of swimming, 9 miles of biking and 2 miles of running. The running is last and will be hardest for me for sure – I am not a big runner. But if I can do that – I feel like I can do anything. So that’s my goal for end of summer.

Hope everyone else is doing well with their shred!

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Chocolate Pink & Mom 2.0

So yesterday I met up with a few Twitter friends for coffee – at a lovely bakery in midtown Atlanta called Chocolate Pink. Now all of us are post-baby trying to watch what we eat – so there was tea and non-fat lattes all around – but we did all splurge on just one cupcake each.  (And apparently that’s a good diet because both myself and Karen from Karen Chatters lost weight and neither of us worked out last night either!)

I was excited to try their cupcakes – Chocolate Pink is on Atlanta’s Chocolate Trolley tour and so it must be good right?!  The atmosphere was really lovely – the chocolates and cakes and cupcakes were very beautiful, providing all the art the place needed.  The prices?  Well, its pricey.  But I had scored a coupon from halfoffdepot and so the cupcakes were only about $1 each instead of ~$3.  (And ScoutMob had 60% off the other day too – so look out for discounts!)

I have to say – I couldn’t wait to eat my chocolate molten cupcake.  And… I was kind of disappointed.  It was good, don’t get me wrong.  But I thought it was kind of dry.  And the two I brought my husband – a Dulce de Leche and a Chocolate Nutella got the same review from him – good but dry.  Everyone seemed to like theirs – they were good – but I wasn’t blown out of the water like I thought I would be.

Maybe next time we’ll go for some of their gourmet chocolates instead.  All in all, I would still recommend it as a place to check out for late night dessert and coffee or a middle of the day sugar rush – but it wasn’t the amazing bakery I thought it would be.  So just keep that in mind.

I couldn’t beat the company though!  Thanks to Kristin (Motherhood Uncensored), Karen (Karen Chatters) and Angela (Mother Daughter Chronicles) for joining me.  Now if only Angela and I could sneak into Karen’s and Kristin’s luggage to go to Houston with them for Mom 2.0.

Here is a video from that – its just so beautiful and moving.  Enjoy girls!


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