March Madness… the Shred Way

03 Mar

As I said in my last post, I was hoping March was the turning point for the year.  Better about eating, working out, less sickness in the household… spring and hope.

And so far – two workouts in two days, courtesy of Jillian Michaels dvds (really, I love these dvds… even if I sometimes want to punch her.)  After seeing some other tweets about trying to do the 30-day shred again, I thought – well why not.  Let’s try it.  Only a bit modified.  I want to work out 30 days in March.  Out of 31.  By work out I mean 20 minutes minimum of movement – a walk counts, but prefer something more heart pumping. 

Since I have the sprint triathalon in June to be thinking about – I think I’ll try to alternate cross training with the dvds by JM with the C25k program.  So one day will be a shred (like today), another 6 week 6 pack, and the next perhaps interval walk/run training.  Occasionally I’ll try to add in bike but I’m saving that more for April and then adding swimming in May (please be warm enough.)  The tri isn’t that far away really – mid-June.

So I think this challenge is just what I need.  Join me?

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